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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

IODE's Story and DEAR time, Class 4E, November 21

Class 4E is enjoying DEAR time at the library.  Here are the students with their take home set of books to read. Healthy treats were provided by IODE and books supplied by First Books.
Before DEAR time, the students enjoyed listening to a dragon story told by their teacher Mr. Frans Erickson. Students enjoy listening to stories. This process stimulates,engages and relaxes their brains and did set the tone for DEAR time.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

IODE's Reading Circle, Class 6M, November 20

Chris is the leader for this Reading Circle for class 6M.  The students picked their favourite books, read them and did AR reading assessment tests. Energizing snacks provided by IODE and books supplied by First Books.

IODE's Breakfast Book Club in action, 3J class, November 20

Watch the IODE's Breakfast Book Club - Class 3J students read and kept a copy of a chapter book. The energizing snack and fresh fruit was provided by IODE and the books were provided by First Books.